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In Real Estate Today

MarinREiA is comprised of real estate professionals who have joined forces to provide homeownership in our community. We work with partners-investors who want a secure investment while being in a passive capacity. We provide all the heavy lifting in property acquisition, renovation and resale. Our partners-investors are secured through a Note and a Deed of Trust.

We provide rent-to-own single family homes and condos in Marin, Sonoma and Solano Counties.

As the name implies a rent-to-own transaction involves a tenant-buyer locking in an agreement to acquire a home at a later date at a set price. The tenant-buyer usually makes a nonrefundable deposit and moves in immediately as a renter. A portion of each monthís rent may go towards the down payment, depending on the contract.

Rent-to-own agreements typically range from two years to seven years. At the end of the rental period, the buyer must come up with arranged financing in order to purchase the property.

During the rental time frame, we work with our buyers in household budgeting and credit education. We assist them so they will be qualified for a conventional home loan at the end of the rent-to-own contract.

Our Tenant-Buyers
We have a waiting list of families who want to purchase our homes. Our tenant-buyers are anchored in the community through employment, commitment and family. Based on their earned income, we determine what payment they can reasonably afford. Each applicant must also provide, proof of income, tax returns, a credit report, and a detailed job history verifying stability.

Our goal is to bring families into homeownership perhaps for the first time as well as assist families return to homeownership in a home with a monthly payment they can afford. Our tenant-buyers enjoy that sense of pride that homeownership brings into a community. Neighborhoods with a balanced level of homeowners will create opportunities for growth and revitalization for communities.

Our rent-to-own program allows for homeownership in cases where it would not otherwise be possible. Our experience is that our tenant-buyers are better stewards of the property as they have the commitment to the home and are working towards homeownership each month.

About our Partners-Investors
We work with passive investors who are looking for a higher return than they would receive in a CD. We provide all the heavy lifting, so they donít have to. We offer a pre-negotiated rate of return on their capital, ranging from 5% to 7.5% depending on their risk tolerance.

Their collateral is a newly refurbished Bay Area home. They are secured through a promissory note, and a Deed of Trust is recorded at the County Recorderís office. Our partners-investors are then listed on the insurance policy as a beneficiary. We find that our partners-investors appreciate they have a passive investment which is both secured and insured. We also find that our partners-investors enjoy the socially responsible investment in the community. These opportunities are available to passive investors who have capital ranging from $60,000 - $250,000.

We are comprised of a group of Real Estate Professionals. Some members of our team include: A licensed Realtor, Property Manager, Estate Attorney, Notary Public, Real Estate Attorney, Licensed Contractor, and an Paper Practitioner. We pride ourselves by improving the lives of people we work with. Our investor-partners appreciate the safety of investing in a first position Deed of Trust. Our families appreciate the opportunity to work towards homeownership through our Rent-to-Own program. We of course appreciate the opportunity to improve our own lives through hard work and fiscal discipline.